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Our experience and commitment to providing investors with a transparent, accessible and holistic approach to real estate investing is what makes AWP | RE stand out.

  • Objectivity
  • Transparency
  • Relationships
  • Accessibility

Bringing efficiency, analysis-backed strategies, and transparency to the RE investment process.

  • $200 Million+ of AUM & AUA
  • Specializing in HNWIs & UHNWIs
  • Cross-disciplinary expertise

Relationships are our foundation. We never put our interests before yours. Our compensation relies largely on the performance of the investments we undertake, with an incentive for us to maximize the value for you.

Our firm takes a unique, comprehensive approach to real estate investment––one that focuses on establishing a more seamless and advantageous integration of REI into the wealth management landscape. Unlike other firms, our big-picture perspective enables us to connect the dots between alternative assets such as RE, and the ‘traditional’ realms of wealth management, legal and tax planning. This provides our clients with a way to incorporate REI into their portfolio that complements their unique circumstances––maximizing the benefits of REI and controlling their exposure to risk.

Our experience in wealth management, paired with strategic alliances with successful, competent local RE management and development companies, provides for an unparalleled ability to source and capitalize on high-quality deals with efficiency. AWP | RE is uniquely suited to both execute on RE opportunities and manage those assets in a way that no other firm can.


Build a long term relationship with an operator you can count on and trust.

The AWP | RE team has diverse industry experience in private wealth management, real estate finance, and technology. Our shared vision for providing a big-picture approach to RE investsments is what brought us here. We are driven, passionate individuals – guided and motivated by our commitment to transparency and empowering investors to pursue greater outcomes.

Steve Olson, CFP®, AEP® CEO & Founder

Steve Olson’s experience spans over a decade of focused tax planning, legal strategy interpretation, investment management, and advisory services to wealthy individuals and families throughout the U.S. His extensive real estate background and experience with acquiring, managing and repositioning real estate assets provides investors with a firm foundation upon which to build their diversified and goal-oriented portfolios. Steve provides counsel and management on individual assets and portfolios—encompassing a combination of securities, real estate, privately held businesses and other alternative investments — ranging in value from $5 million to over $400 million in value.


Mark Domash Head of Real Estate

Mark Domash has 35 years’ experience in the real estate finance industry working for institutional owners and providers of capital with expertise in acquisitions, underwriting, due diligence, asset and portfolio management.   Mr. Domash has been involved in the acquisition, financing, and asset management of literally thousands of assets worth in excess of $15 billion.  He offers a proven track record of achieving above market rent growth and maximized risk adjusted returns and profits and profits to the invested capital he represents.

Mr. Domash earned a Master’s of Management (M.B.A.) from Northwestern’s Kellogg Graduate School of Management, with distinction, with concentrations in finance, real estate and urban economic development.   Mr. Domash earned his B.A from Northwestern University majoring in finance and economic history.   Mr. Domash has taught Economics, Finance, and Real Estate courses at the graduate and undergraduate level as Adjunct Professor at the University of Redlands, Chapman University and Strayer University.


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