Real estate investing, optimized for your portfolio (and your life).

AWP Real Estate is a privately held real estate investment firm that acquires multifamily properties that provide a stable cash flow with the potential to increase value by providing superior management services, best-in-class property amenities, and contemporary interior improvements with features to enhance the residents living experience.

Our experience in wealth management, paired with our relationships within the real estate industry, provides for an unparalleled ability to source and capitalize on high-quality investments with efficiency.

Get the best of both worlds: The actionable insight of wealth planning, integrated seamlessly into the RE investment process.

Achieve optimal outcomes with a proactive, holistic and
analysis-backed approach to real estate investing.

CRE Opportunities

  • Asset sourcing & underwriting
  • Due diligence & in-depth analysis
  • Deal pursuit, negotiations & closings
  • Execution of asset business plans
  • End-to-end asset management

Wealth Management

  • In-depth strategy & analysis
  • Portfolio management
  • Tax minimization
  • Trust & estate planning
  • Asset & privacy protection

TAKE A BIG-PICTURE PERSPECTIVE: What To Expect from a Comprehensive
Approach to RE Investing

Analysis & Strategy

Lay the foundation for a real-estate ready portfolio, and develop a strategy that aligns with your desired outcomes.

Discovery & Analysis

AWP | RE performs a deep dive into the state of your wealth to define your objectives, uncover missed opportunities, identify risks and preserve your assets.

Planning & Strategy

Taking into consideration the intricacies of your estate, we develop a strategy to maximize returns, minimize risk and keep your investments aligned to your goals.

Deal Evaluation &
& Investment

Review new opportunities and participate in the investment deals with all necessary documents provided by our team.

Evaluate opportunities 24/7.

We provide our investors with the time needed to perform due diligence before participating.

Transact securely.

Contribute to investments and collect returns with complete peace of mind. We adhere to strict internal protocols to keep all handling of funds secure.

Distributions &
Ongoing Support

Collect your funds in a timely manner. We’ll take care of all of the closing diligence and asset management.

Keep everything in one place.

Documents, contact info, communications, positions of your investments, performance metrics, ownership percentages, distribution history and more.

Let us handle the rest.

We handle all of the heavy lifting, whether sourcing assets, developing strategies and business plans, negotiating and closing deals, delivering investment returns, and everything in-between.

Featured Investments

A STREAMLINED INVESTING EXPERIENCE Evaluate, transact and stay organized in one place.

Our Investor Portal keeps real estate investing accessible, transparent, and efficient. Our modernized, streamlined investment process minimizes risk and eliminates management and communication headaches.

Be notified promptly once a new opportunity is available

Timely notifications via email and through the Investor Portal app maximize the amount of time you have to consider a potential investment.

Communicate with our team and transact directly from the portal

Your Investor Portal is a centralized location for all communications and required investor interactions related to the RE investment process.

Perform due diligence with 24/7 access to full asset details

We offer investors full transparency into our investments before deciding to particpate and after closing.

Receive distribution funds and keep all key documents secure

Collect your returns as soon as distributions take place. Gain peace of mind knowing every document is where it should be.